Project Monitoring & Control

Once the project execution phase gets underway, the project monitoring and controlling phase also kicks in. This parallel phase keeps the project on track and aligned with its initial purpose, while allowing teams to correct course where necessary. Anyone will agree that any new project will need some kind of cost estimate, preferably as accurate as possible, in order to make better financial decisions and to minimize risk of losing money on big investments. However, even projects that have been approved for execution, never have a fixed price; causes for cost increases (or decreases) during the project execution phase, compared to the baseline estimate, could be:

  • Design changes
  • Weather outages
  • Price fluctuations of equipment
  • Lower than expected productivity
  • Unforeseen local conditions, etc.

The sooner you recognize certain patterns or trends that might affect the costs of your project, the better you’ll be able to take corrective action. This requires, above all, experience. The cost controllers of Cost Engineering are both experienced and educated in the field of project controls and thus might be able to help you successfully execute your project within budget and within schedule.

Our project controls services consist of three main parts:

  • Accurate forecasting of how your project is going to develop in terms of both time and costs
  • Managing changes as to recognize scope changes as early as possible and to take corrective actions where needed
  • The use of dedicated project control tools; with Cleopatra Enterprise you’ll always get timely and accurate management dashboards, with all details taken into account but without losing the overall picture. It also connects directly to the original budget baseline, so all relevant information is kept in one place

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